Nickel Sulfate Hexahydrate

Synonyms: Nickel sulfate, hexahydrate

Formula: H12NiO10S

CAS NO.: 10101-97-0

M.W.: 262.8477


Green crystals of cubic, specific gravity 2.07, soluble in water, slightly soluble in acid and aqueous ammonia. Water solution is acidic.


Electroplating, nickel-cadmium battery, organic synthesis, catalyst in painting production, raw material of nickel salt for coloring of metals and additives of reduction dye.


Stored in cool and dry warehouse; Keep away from flame and heat.

NO Item
1 Ni 22min
2 Co 0.005max
3 Cu 0.001max
4 Fe 0.001max
5 Pb 0.001max
6 Zn 0.001max
7 Mn 0.001max
8 Ca 0.003max
9 Cd 0.001max
10 Water insoluble matter 0.02max


Packaging Sizes

25kg net. Double plastic bags lined plastic woven sack.

Nickel sulfate hexahydrate is often used in electroplating processes to provide a protective or decorative coating of nickel on various metal surfaces. It is also employed as a catalyst in various chemical reactions and as a precursor in the production of other nickel compounds.