Name: Copper sulfate anhydrous
Synonyms:Copper sulphate; copper(2+) sulfate hydrate; Copper sulfate
Formula: CuSO4
Molecular Weight: 159.6097
CAS No: 10124-44-4
Properties: Anhydrous cupric sulfate is the powder in milk white or light red color with pungent smell. Copper sulfate anhydrous can dissolve in water. Anhydrous cupric sulfate can dissolve in thin alcohol but not in absolute alcohol. Solution is in weak acid and strong accessibility when in wet weather. Anhydrous copper sulphate can be turned into black cupric oxide.
Application: Copper sulfate anhydrous is used as antipollution material in the bottom of ship, desicant, catalyst, etc., and it is also the important raw material to make nantokite. Copper sulphate anhydrous should be stored in fry storehouse to prevent from the rainwater or wet, and don’t mix with food, sand or forage. Please handle it gently with masks protection to prevent bag breaking and absorbing the dust.
Storage: Store with dry and seal hermetically.
Package: 25kg plastic bags.

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