Nickel Acetate Tetrahydrate

Synonyms: Nickel(II) acetate tetrahydrate; Nickel ii acetate tetrahydrate; nickel(2+) acetate hydrate (1:2:4)
Formula: (CH3CO2)2Ni·4H2O
CAS NO.: 6018-89-9
M.W.: 248.86

Nickel acetate tetrahydrate is a deliquescent green crystal or crystalline powder, soluble in water and ethanol.The chemical formula of nickel acetate (tetrahydrate) is Ni(CH3COO)2·4H2O, a green prism with the smell of acetic acid, it decomposes when heated, and is soluble in water, ethanol and ammonia water. Nickel acetate tetrahydrate is decomposed in hot water to separate out nickel hydroxide. Nickel acetate tetrahydrate is obtained by heating nickel hydroxide and acetic acid in the presence of nickel.
Nickel acetate tetrahydrate is widely used in industrial production. It is mainly used as a catalyst, a sealant for aluminum alloy profiles, a desiccant for paint coatings, a printing and dyeing agent, a curing accelerator for FRP, and invisible inks. It is also used in precision electroplating, electroplating of high-end electronic materials, etc.

Nickel(II) acetate tetrahydrate is used for catalysts, electroplating and mordant.

Stored in cool and dry warehouse; Keep away from flame and heat.

NO Item Specification
1 Nickel content 22.5 min
2 Water-insoluble matter 0.2 max
3 Fe 0.002 max
4 Co 0.35 max
5 Zn 0.001 max
6 Cu 0.001 max
7 Pb 0.001 max


Packaging sizes
25kg net. Double plastic bags lined plastic woven sack.

Use Storage

  1. Chemical reagents. Industrially used as fabric mordant, also used in electroplating.
  2. Mainly used for nickel plating, metal coloring, nickel catalyst, fabric mordant, etc.
  3. Used as a catalyst, mordant, and in the electroplating industry.
  4. Used in the addition of electroplating and electroless nickel plating salts. Used as a sealing agent and analytical reagent for aluminum oxidation.
  5. Stable under normal temperature and pressure, green crystal or powder. The relative density is 1.744. Slight ethanol smell. Heated to the melting point of decomposition.
  6. Has acetic acid smell, weathers in the air, easily soluble in water and acetic acid, soluble in ethanol, 1 part of nickel acetate tetrahydrate can be dissolved in 6 parts of water.2-8°C, away from light, in a cool and dry place, sealed and stored

resolve resolution
Dissolve basic nickel carbonate in excess dilute acetic acid solution, filter, evaporate, cool to precipitate crystals, and dry the crystals at 70°C to obtain the finished product.

  1. Nickel sulfate and barium acetate are recomposed in aqueous solution, barium sulfate is filtered out, and the filtrate is concentrated and crystallized to obtain tetrahydrate.
  2. React nickel sulfate solution and sodium carbonate solution to produce nickel carbonate. After washing the precipitate for several times, dissolve nickel carbonate with acetic acid solution to produce nickel acetate. Concentrate and dry to obtain the finished product.