Item Index
Appearance White powder
Product granularity -0.10mm≥98%
Product grade 86%,88 %


Packing& Storage

Storage 20℃, 2 years.
Shipping Room temperature in China; may vary elsewhere


General Information

1.1 Chemical & Physical Properties

Common Names Metastannic Acid | Tin hydroxide oxide
CAS No. 13472-47-4 Boiling Point (℃) N/A
Molecular Weight 168.724 Melting Point (℃) N/A
Appearance White amorphous powder Vapor Specific Gravity N/A
HS Code 2825909000 Flash Point (℃) N/A
Solubility Insoluble in water, insoluble acid and lye, and alkali co-melting can obtain metastannate, heating significantly water loss. Autoignition Temperature (℃) N/A


1.2 Safety Information

Safety Phrases
WGK Germany
Packaging Group
Hazard Class


1.3 Synthetic Route

Metastin acid can be prepared by reacting fine tin with concentrated nitric acid, separating and drying by filtration.

Applications of Metastannic Acid
Metastannic acid is mainly used as a flame retardant for chemical fibers and textiles, plastic products, paint coatings, and epoxy resin sealing materials; as a colorant for ceramic products; as an additive for printing inks; as a mordant in the textile industry.