Cobalt carbonate
Synonyms: Cobalt(II) carbonate hydrate, Cobaltous carbonate; Cobaltcarbonatetechgr; Cobalt(II) carbonate
Formula: CoCO3
CAS NO.: 513-79-1
M.W.: 118.94
Properties: Pink powder, soluble in dilute acid and liquid ammonia, insoluble in cool water, and decomposes in hot water.
Specification: (%)


Technical Specification (%)

Cobalt carbonate 46%

Cobalt carbonate 45%

Assay (as Co)

46 min

45 min

Iron (Fe)

0.01 max

0.05 max

Copper (Cu)

0.005 max

0.02 max

Nickel (Ni)

0.2 max

0.3 max

Zinc (Zn)

0.005 max

0.05 max

Sodium (Na)

0.05 max

0.5 max

Lead (Pb)

0.005 max

0.06 max

Preparation methods: in cobalt chloride solution or cobalt sulfate solution to add sodium carbonate solution sediment formation.

cobalt carbonate

Application: Making other cobalt salts, cobalt dyestuff, porcelain coloring and chemical reagent etc.
Storage: Store at a ventilating and dry place, prevent heat and damp. Do not store with acids and liquid ammonia together.
Packing: 25Kg net. Pack sealed with double plastic bags lined plastic woven sack.

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