Nickel Acetate Anhydrous

Formula: Ni(CH3COO)2
CAS NO.: 373-02-4
M.W.: 176.79

Green powder. odor is like acetic acid. decomposed when heating, freely soluble in water and ethanol, liquefied.

Nickel acetate used as catalysis in chemical, pharmaceutical, auxiliary and biological preparation.

Stored in cool and dry warehouse; Keep away from flame and heat.

NO Item Specification
1 Ni 33% min
2 Cu 0.001% max
3 Fe 0.005% max
4 Mn 0.001% max
5 Zn 0.001% max
6 Pb 0.001% max
7 As 0.0005% max
8 Cd 0.0005% max
9 Hg 0.0005% max
10 Cr 0.0005% max


Packaging sizes
25kg net. Double plastic bags lined plastic woven sack.

Nickel acetate is often used as a metal catalyst in organic chemistry. Commercial nickel acetate is often its hydrate, which can be used to catalyze coupling reactions, reduction reactions, etc. It is used in metal-organic reactions, nickel plating, metal coloring, and drug molecule preparation. Has a wider range of uses.

Stable under normal temperature and pressure, green crystal or powder. The relative density is 1.744. Slight ethanol smell. Heated to the melting point of decomposition.
Has acetic acid smell, weathers in the air, easily soluble in water and acetic acid, soluble in ethanol, 1 part of nickel acetate tetrahydrate can be dissolved in 6 parts of water.

A crystallization method of coarse granular nickel acetate, the process is to obtain nickel acetate solution by reacting basic nickel carbonate and acetic acid solution, then evaporating and concentrating the nickel acetate solution and adding glacial acetic acid to adjust the pH to prepare nickel acetate. Energy-saving and emission-reducing high-purity large-grain nickel acetate rapid production method, the process is to use nickel acetate as mother liquor, add acetic acid, nickel powder and hydrogen peroxide, and use nickel acetate crystals with a particle size of less than 1mm as crystal seeds to produce large-grain nickel acetate. Its disadvantages are long synthesis time, high energy consumption, high cost, low crystallization rate of nickel acetate and low production efficiency in the production process of nickel acetate.
Another method for preparing battery-grade nickel acetate with simple production principle, wide source of raw materials, and easy industrial production. The nickel acetate prepared by the method has high purity and can be used for preparing batteries. Include the following steps:
(1) add acid and copper salt solution to react in metal nickel powder, obtain nickel salt through impurity removal, evaporation;
(2) gain nickel salt in step (1) fully react with NaOH solution, obtain Ni after filtering ( OH) 2;
(3) the Ni(OH) obtained in the step (2) is acidified with acetic acid, and the nickel acetate product is obtained through evaporation and crystallization; the acid and copper salt solution are hydrochloric acid and cupric chloride solution, or Sulfuric acid and copper sulfate solution; the nickel salt is nickel chloride or nickel sulfate. The present invention selects the metal nickel powder of 80~120 meshes as raw material, purpose makes raw material have larger specific surface area, can more fully carry out replacement reaction with hydrochloric acid and copper chloride solution (or sulfuric acid and copper sulfate solution), and the obtained Nickel acetate has high purity, short process and easy industrialization.