Cobalt sulfate anhydrous, cobalt sulphate anhydrous
Formula: CoSO4
CAS NO.: 13455-34-0
M.W.: 96.0637
Appearance: Pink, brownish-yellow or rosy red monoclinic crystal.
Solubility: Souble in water and methyl alcohol, micro-souble in alcohol.

Cobalt sulfate anhydrous is a sulfate salt of either divalent or trivalent cobalt. Divalent anhydrous cobalt sulfate melts at 96.8 C; soluble in methanol. Cobalt sulfate anhydrous is used in preparing pigments and other cobalt salts. Trivalent cobalt sulfate [called cobaltic sulfate, Co2(SO4)3] contains trivalent cobalt acts as an oxidizing agent; soluble in sulfuric acid. Cobalt pigment is used in porcelains and glass. Cobalt sulfate is used in storage batteries and electroplating baths. Cobalt sulphate anhydrous is used in sympathetic inks and as an additive to soils and animal feeds.

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