Name: Copper sulphate
Synonyms: Copper (II) sulfate anhydrous; cupric sulfate anhydrous; copper sulfate anhydrous green powder; copper sulphate; copper(2+) sulfate hydrate (1:1:5); copper sulfate; copper(2+) sulfate; copper(II)sulfate
Formula: CuSO4
Molecular weight: 159.6097
CAS No: 7758-98-7; 10124-44-4
Properties: Blue crystalline solid. Copper sulfate decomposes before melting and loses four water molecules at 110 ℃ and all five at 150 ℃. At 650 ℃, copper sulfate decomposes into copper oxide (CuO) and sulfur trioxide (SO3). When heated in an open flame the crystals are dehydrated and turn grayish-white.Copper sulphate anhydrous (CuSO4) form is a pale green or gray-white powder, whereas the copper sulphate pentahydrate (CuSO4·5H2O), the most commonly encountered salt, is bright blue.


Copper sulphate pentahydrate crystal

Copper sulphate pentahydrate powder

Copper sulphate monohydrate powder

Molecular formula




Content (%)

≥98.5   Cu≥ 25.06

≥98.5   Cu≥ 25.06

≥95.0   Cu≥ 34.0


Pass 840μm Sieve≥95%

Pass 420μm Sieve≥95%

Pass 420μm Sieve≥95%


Blue crystal

Light blue powder

Light blue powder (or Crystal)

Heavy metals and injurants (%)

Pb≤0.001 As≤0.0005

Pb≤0.001 As≤0.0005

Pb≤0.002 As≤0.001

Application: Copper sulfate can be used as herbicide, fungicide, pesticide.Copper sulphate can also be used as analytical reagent and organic synthesis. Other applications include hair dyes, coloring glass, processing of leather and textiles and in pyrotechnics as a green colorant.
Storage: Store with dry and seal hermetically.

Package: 25kg plastic bags.

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