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Nickel Acetate

Nickel Acetate

Nickel Acetate

Name: Nickel acetate
Synonyms: Acetic acid nickel(II) salt; nickel acetate tetrahydrate; nickel(II) acetate tetrahydrate;
Formula: C4H14NiO8
CAS NO.: 6018-89-9, 373-02-4
M.W.: 248.86
Properties: Nickel acetate is a deliquescent green crystal or crystalline powder, soluble in water and ethanol. Acetic acid nickel (II) salt can be made by reacting nickel with Acetic acid or with nickel carbonate. The most common form of nickel acetate  is the nickel acetate tetrahydrate and nickel acetate anhydrous.
Specification: (%)



Nickel content

22.5 min

Water-insoluble matter

0.2 max


0.002 max


0.35 max


0.001 max


0.001 max


0.001 max

Application: Nickel acetate is used for catalysts, electroplating and mordant.
Storage: Store at a dry place, prevent from exposure to the sun.
Packing: 25Kg net, double plastic bags lined plastic woven bag.

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