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To the influence of the copper sulfate animals (Nontarget species)

    Based on data on the potential hazards posed by this material to the slackwater darter, freshwater mussels, and Solano grass, and in an effort to minimize exposure of endangered species to this material, applicators in some counties are required to consult EPA endangered species bulletins before applying copper sulfate. Copper sulfate is a Federal violation to use any pesticide in a manner that results in the death of an endangered species or adverse changes to their natural habitat .

    Cobalt sulphate anhydrous is toxic to aquatic invertebrates, such as crab, shrimp and oysters. Bees are endangered by strong, water-based copper compounds, such as a Bordeaux mixture of copper sulphate, lime and water. Copper sulfate 98.5% and similar fungicides have been poisonous to sheep and chickens on farms at normal application rates. Most animal life in soil, including large earthworms, have been eliminated by the extensive use of copper-containing fungicides in orchards.Frogs died after being given intravenous doses of 25 mg/kg of copper sulfate monohydrate . The lethal concentration fifty, or LC50, is that concentration of a chemical in air or water that kills half of the experimental animals exposed to it for a set time period. The 96-hour LC50 of copper sulfate pentahydrate to pond snails is 0.39 mg/l, at 20 degrees C. Higher concentrations of the material caused some behavioral changes, such as secretion of mucous, and discharge of eggs and embryos.

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