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The use of the cobalt sulfate and health risks


Food and Drug Uses:

    Brewers once used cobalt sulphate to prolong the life of beer foam, and ranchers have dosed livestock with cobalt sulfate or used fertilizer enriched with cobalt sulfate to ensure their animals get enough of the trace mineral needed to produce vitamin B12. Also, until recently, cobalt sulfate heptahydrate had a therapeutic role in treating certain forms of anemia.

Health Risks:

    Long-term or repeated eye and skin exposure to cobalt sulfate anhydrous can cause irritation, a rash and redness that will fade when such exposures end. Inhaling cobalt sulfate dust over an extended period, which is a possibility in manufacturing settings where the powdered mineral is used, can lead to poisoning and might cause cancer. The Eleventh Report on Carcinogens from the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences identifies cobalt sulfate as a likely carcinogen but notes that the mineral's role in causing cancer is difficult to define because most individuals who work with cobalt sulfate monohydrate also work with other heavy metals and cancer-causing chemicals.

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